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All items are located in central Indiana, area code 46181. Also available for pickup by arrangement in 46151 and 46032, or the general Indianapolis area.

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(last updated May 31, 2008)

No warranty from me except that everything will work when I ship it to you, unless stated otherwise.

4x10 bass guitar cabinet loaded with 4 Eminence HL10's. This is a vented box tuned to an EBS alignment that gets down to 30hz. The ports exit out the sides of the box. Construction is 3/4" birch plywood. There is no finish except for on the terminal recess on the back. Dimensions are 24"x24"x15.25". The drivers can take 1200 watts RMS thermally but closer to 3.2 kW based on Xmax above 30hz. The tone is a little lacking on the high end, but adding a 2x10 or maybe a single 12" like the Eminence Deltalite 2512 listed below would fill in the highs nicely.

Price: $500, shipping paid by buyer, or $400 if you pick it up.

Single small unity-style horn. This was designed to use two Eminence Beta 8's and a B&C DE25 compression driver for the tweeter. It has usable response down to about 100hz, but I don't know precisely what its SPL capabilities would be at that frequency. The design is definitely not perfect, but if someone wants to play around this could be fun. I can provide plans, a crossover schematic, and wood parts for the complicated internal bits so you could build a second horn. The drivers are not included.

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Pic 5

Price: $30 for the horn with no drivers or binding posts, $45 with binding posts. I would rather not ship it, as it's really heavy.

Pair of 10" woofers, prototypes for Allison Acoustics. Foam surround, slightly tacky cone treatment, felt dust cap. These would work as a woofer in a 3-way system - they have smooth response up to 500hz, so crossing at 200hz or 300hz would work nicely. These are 4 ohm speakers. They'd work in a sealed box of 40L to 100L, having a Q between 1.1 and 0.9 and an F3 in the 30hz range. You could go bigger as long as you recognized the reduced control of excursion at low frequencies such a large box would have and didn't feed them too much power. I don't know what the xmax is, but I'd guess something around 8mm based on running them with a signal generator.

Measured T/S specs
Revc= 3.050 Ohm
Fo= 21.074 Hz
Sd= 369.836 cm
Vas= 155.173 Ltr
Cms= 798.932u M/N
Mmd= 67.299 g
Mms= 71.389 g
BL= 6.251 TM
Qms= 3.322
Qes= 0.738
Qts= 0.604
No= 0.190 %
SPLo= 84.813 dB

Revc= 3.050 Ohm
Fo= 20.105 Hz
Sd= 369.840 cm
Vas= 164.457 Ltr
Cms= 846.715u M/N
Mmd= 69.918 g
Mms= 74.008 g
BL= 6.402 TM
Qms= 3.039
Qes= 0.696
Qts= 0.566
No= 0.186 %
SPLo= 84.709 dB

Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4
Nearfield response (SPL not calibrated on the graph, and no enclosure used)

Price: $40, shipping paid by buyer, or $20 if you pick it up.

Metal dome 12" guitar speaker. It looks like someone was trying to clone one of the JBL woofers with a metal dome, like the E120. A reader of my webpage kindly wrote me to suggest this was a speaker from the Crescendo series from Fane Acoustics, but utilizing a different cone assembly than anything commonly availble. It has a huge magnet, cloth surround, vented pole with a foam dust cover in it, and a cast frame.

Pic 1
Pic 2

Measured T/S specs
Re: 5.4 ohms
Le: 0.45 mH
Fs: 64.9 Hz
Mms: 47.4 gm
Bl: 14.59 T-m
Qms: 5.41
Qes: 0.49
Qts: 0.45
Vas: 50.7 L
Sd: 532 cm^2
SPL: 96.5 dB/1 watt/1m
Xmax: 2.2mm one way for 10% THD at the resonant frequency, 3mm one way for 70% of the nominal BL
Xmech: >5mm one way

Price: $40, shipping paid by buyer, or $20 if you pick it up.

Email me at with any questions or if you're interested in buying something listed here.
(remove the numbers 456 and 123 from the address - sorry, but I'm trying to cut down on my spam intake).

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