Software Tools:

Speaker Workshop 
Horn Response  THE horn simulator. Works great for traditional front-loaded horns.
Unibox  Excel sheet for doing T/S box design.
Circuit Maker  Helpful little Spice app for designing active filters


Linkwitz Lab  Siegfried Linkwitz's page - details on measurement mic construction and active filters.
Art Ludwig's Homepage  Information on sound, room acoustics, and speakers.
The LDSG  Bob Stout's DIY Loudspeaker selection guide. He also hosts my webpage.
James Melhuish's Horn Pages  Horn info and a fullrange driver forum
Adire Audio  Their XBL2 technology looks interesting. I heard a blind A/B demo of it in a midrange speaker driven very lightly, and it was easily audible.
Madisound  A great source for speakers. Very good service, in my experience.

Other fun stuff:

The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing  An easy to read introduction to DSP.
Steve Bench's Webpage  DIY tube projects
John Broskie's Tubecad page  Tons of ideas and information on tube projects
Helmholtz Resonance 
Helmholtz Resonators 
Flow in ducts 
Turbulent Flow 
Bicycle Aerodynamics 
Eric's World of Physics  Tons of information. Comes in handy sometimes. Other times it's a bit cryptic.
DJ Aerotec 
Vacuum Bagging Wings 
Cheap Vacuum Pump 
Make Your Own Vacuum Bagging Equipment 
Vacuum System Project 
A Vacuum Gauge 
Foam Cutter Links 
Backyard Metal Casting 
Material Properties - this is an awesome resource. 
Hysteresis and Avalanches 
Bicycle Tech Site  DIY CF frame building, etc.
Magnet Experiments 
Speedskating Technical Articles 

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